Automated Outbound Political Calls

(Service currently limited to USA & Canada only)

Want to reach out to your constituents? If you’re running a local office political campaign, you likely don’t have the budget for a dedicated, fully-staffed outbound call center. Automated outbound calling for political campaigns can provide candidates with a modern and cost effective approach to leveraging voters. IVR Lab provides political campaigns with automated calling solutions to reach out to constituents while gathering invaluable voter opinion data.

Perfectly suited for HOA meeting announcements and reminders.

Target Constituents with Automated Outbound Calling & Patch Through Telephone Calls

Automated candidate calling promotions are a budget-friendly way to target registered voters and gain name recognition before election-day. It’s also the easiest way to survey your constituents, to best understand what’s important to them this election season.

Whether you’re polling for local political office campaigns, or for congressional and senate elections; whatever your party affiliation (DNC, RNC or Independent), automated calling allows you to target your message directly to your constituents. Political outbound calling can provide your potential supporters with important information while helping you to capture valuable data to win your election.

A well designed IVR can help you do more with less resources, specially tasks that are repetitive. Further, on outbound calls, the call recipient can press 1 (or any other designated key) to either get more information, or to get transferred to an agent. Our system also allows call recipients to leave recorded messages that could be compiled and sent to key personnel such as Senators, Congresspeople or governors.

Automated calling is the perfect way to conduct surveys and market research nationwide at a fraction of the costs of traditional methods.

IVR Lab can give your political campaign the voter data it needs to help win elections. At IVR Lab, we offer the following automated political calling options for your specific campaign initiatives:

  • Political Polling Automated Calls
  • Campaign Fundraising Robo Calls
  • Persuasion Voice Broadcast Calls
  • Public Opinion Polling Calls for Statistical Analysis
  • “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) Robo Calls
  • Reminder GOTV Calls
  • Persuasion (Push) Polling Automated Calls
  • Volunteer Notification Robo Calling
  • Event Notification Calling
  • “Press 1” Call Transfer Technology
  • Call Transferring to Live Operator
  • Call Recipient Voice Capture

Whatever automated outbound calling solutions you’re looking for, contact IVR Lab today. We’ll work with you to determine the best hosted calling plan for your political campaign and customize it to your particular needs. You’ll save thousands and enjoy the best ROI using our advanced hosted calling solutions.

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