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Customized Customer Centric Solutions

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, how can businesses in industries like healthcare, transportation, and insurance amplify efficiency, deliver an unparalleled customer journey, and achieve significant cost savings? At IVR Lab, we’ve evolved beyond traditional IVR. Today, we stand as a leading CaaS (Communication as a Service) provider, offering state-of-the-art voice, SMS, and AI-driven conversational solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse sectors.

Industry Specific Solutions

Revolutionize Your Industry-Specific Interactions Our advanced communication systems serve as your digital liaison, facilitating both inbound and outbound engagements. From routine calls in healthcare for appointment reminders and transportation for logistics updates to insurance claim inquiries, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your industry-specific interactions with our AI-powered tools, including chatbots and virtual assistants.

Experience Rapid ROI with CaaS Harness the power of modern communication solutions to realize significant cost efficiencies. Redirect your workforce to higher-value tasks while our automated systems operate round-the-clock at virtually no labor cost. With our CaaS approach, the ROI is not just evident—it’s swift. Discover how we can optimize your operations and reduce expenses.



Leveraging Secure Communications

Stay Ahead with Modern Communication Solutions Traditional IVR no longer suffices in this tech-driven era. This is why numerous businesses are turning to CaaS, leveraging AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to redefine their customer service. Enhance customer satisfaction and boost your profitability with our cutting-edge solutions tailored for healthcare, transportation, insurance, and beyond.

Tailored to Your Needs Every industry has its unique challenges, and our solutions are meticulously crafted to meet those. Whether you’re in healthcare managing patient interactions, in transportation coordinating logistics, or in insurance handling policy inquiries, our CaaS solutions align with your specific objectives. Plus, our commitment doesn’t end at implementation; we promise unparalleled customer support for every solution we deploy.


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As a boutique agency, we have the ability and expertise to craft customized solutions — solutions that work for you.

Voice & SMS Surveys

Our Phone Based Automated surveys will make it easy and affordable to get feedback from your customers. Inbound and Outbound services available. Customizable multi-format CSAT Surveys.

Patient Engagement Surveys

Our patient engagement surveys provide insightful feedback, helping us improve care quality and tailor services to better meet our patients' needs and expectations.

Public Health

Manage disease outbreaks effectively with our automated voice and SMS surveys, utilizing inbound and outbound platforms to keep the public informed and enga.ged in a very cost effective manner

PROMIS Surveys

Our PROMIS system allows you to collect reliable and valid assessments of health status encompassing physical, mental, and social well-being, from the patient's perspective.

Insurance Sector

Become more efficient & reduce your overhead by utilizing IVRs specially customized for your unique needs. Automatically handle routine inquiries such as eligibility and claims inquiries

Financial Services

Enhance customer service in finance through quick, secure phone-based transactions and inquiries, ensuring efficiency and confidentiality in client interactions.

SIP Trunking

IVR Lab provides a top-tier, flexible SIP trunking solution - unlimited, scalable, and reliable for rapid remote office setup and seamless communication.

Global Reach

Get local and Toll-Free phone numbers in every country you do business and forward them to one location. Most numbers are available for 100 countries and counting. SMS option available.

Custom Services

Specializing in tailor-made Interactive Voice and SMS Response Systems, we excel where others hesitate, saying YES to projects big and small with impactful solutions.

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Most of our services can be enabled throughout North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), UK, Germany and Australia

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Our Latest Research on PROMIS Surveys

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Leveraging SMS and Secure Messaging Technology for Patient Reported Outcome Surveys to increase Health Outcomes and Reducing Administration Costs