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Leadership Team

Rayomond Chinoy

Founder & President

Rayomond’s journey with IVR Lab, which he established as an independent entity in 2013, began from a need he identified while working with Level9Solutions. This need arose in 2003 when Rayomond, looking to address a specific requirement for a retail client, found the market offerings limited to off-the-shelf IVR solutions. Determined to fill this gap, he delved into the world of telephony technology, crafting a system tailored for tracking financial instruments like money orders and gift certificates.

The success of this initial venture led to the expansion of IVR Lab’s services into various sectors such as Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing. Rayomond’s educational background, with a BA in International Business Management and an MBA in Health Care Management, complemented his technical pursuits. His role in the development of the company is further highlighted by his contributions to several technology patents.

Beyond his professional realm, he finds solace in hiking, exploring the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature. Woodworking is another of Rayomond’s hobbies, offering him a creative outlet where he enjoys building and experimenting with various projects. This pastime allows him to unwind and engage in the satisfying process of creating with his hands.

Additionally, Rayomond is an avid researcher, always keen on delving into new knowledge areas and staying abreast of the latest technological advancements.

Rayomond’s life in Tampa Bay is enriched by the company of his family, including his wife, three children, and a spirited Mini Aussie Doodle.

Kishan has been with IVR Lab for almost 5 years now and is primarily responsible for coordinating projects with the technical/engineering team. He is also the lead on our R&D projects.

Kishan has a Bachelors in Information Technology

Kishan Upadhyay

Senior Technical Lead

Our Advisory Board Members​

We are grateful to our Advisory Board Members for their counsel and guidance. They hail from various business sectors and are industry experts in their respective fields. Some are current and/or former clients and they volunteer their time to provide their expertise and insight to the company.  We cannot ask for any greater honor than that and we are humbled.

Dr. Hoshedar P Tamboli

Cardiologist, Internal Medicine
Industry: Healthcare, Hospitals

Donald Nadeau

Founder, Lifestyle Investment Properties, LLC
Industry: Real Estate

Blake Barnes

Managing Director, Higginbotham
Industry: Commercial Insurance & Financial Services

Aziz Panjwani

CEO, Toro Imports
Industry: Retail

Vinita Chinoy

Director, Innovation & Research, DTCC
Industry: Financial

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