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Automated Outbound Calling

Transportation Solutions

If you're in the transportation business, you can automate many of your routine tasks like package notifications, surveys, collection calls and more. Improve your customer satisfaction by extending your service hours without extending your costs.

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Healthcare Solutions

If you're in healthcare, you owe it to yourself to learn how you can make your everyday business processes more efficient and save money at the same time. We can help in automating many of your routine and repetitive tasks, including Patient Engagement surveys.

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Revolutionize Your Outreach with Advanced Automated Outbound Calling

In today’s fast-paced digital era, automated outbound calling has emerged as a key strategy for effective marketing and communication. IVR Lab is at the forefront of this innovation, offering state-of-the-art services that are no longer just the preserve of those with extensive budgets. Our services, currently available in the USA and Canada, making high-impact communication accessible to small business owners and political candidates alike.

Cutting-Edge, Affordable Outbound Call Center Services

Gone are the days when extensive resources were necessary for outbound calling. With IVR Lab, you get access to automated call center services that eliminate the need for physical office space and expensive tech equipment, significantly reducing costs. Our hosted outbound dialing creates a virtual call center environment, streamlining data management and making outreach efforts more efficient.

Key Uses for Automated Calling Systems

Automated outbound calling systems are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Modernized Automated Outbound Calling

Harness the power of technologies for personalized, efficient outreach. Perfect for marketing, surveys, and political campaigns in the USA and Canada.

Cost-Effective Virtual Call Center Services

Eliminate the need for physical space and expensive equipment with our hosted outbound dialing, offering streamlined data management and reduced operational costs.

Versatile Applications with Enhanced Interaction

Utilize our systems for a range of purposes, from political canvassing and market research to community notices and health surveys

Tailored Solutions with Transparent Pricing

Choose IVR Lab for bespoke outbound calling plans on world-class platforms, with high call volume capacity and no hidden fees, ensuring an excellent return on investment.

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How Automated Outbound Calling Works

Our system simplifies the process of setting up automated calls. Whether you aim to promote a product, conduct market research, or campaign for public office, we help you devise an interactive script. This can be a professional recording provided by us or a script of your choosing. The process typically involves:

  • An introductory message
  • Multiple selectable options
  • Repeatable choices for clarity
  • Additional options like message taking or call transfer


Our advanced systems ensure that your message reaches your audience during optimal times, capturing and recording responses for polls or surveys

Expanding Applications with AI and Chatbot Technologies

With the integration of AI and chatbots, the scope of automated calling has broadened significantly. These technologies allow for more personalized, intelligent interactions, enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns and surveys.

Why Choose IVR Lab for Outbound Calling

IVR Lab stands out with:

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