Automated Voice and SMS Notification for Schools

SimpleNotify is a notification system available for the US and Canadian market that helps educational leaders send schedule change notices, weather advisories and much more quickly and affordably.

School Phone Notification SystemsIn your busy day, There is a fine line between order and chaos and it often rests on your ability to provide effective and timely communications to your students and their parents. Effective and timely communication is a key element for all schools.  Automating any type of phone message service for any of the above situations will save time, teacher resources and ultimately costs. Parent Notification Systems from IVR Lab make it easy for schools to quickly communicate with parents, teachers, staff and communities. You can use Voice notifications, SMS or both.

It’s simple to use, efficient and affordable, regardless of the size of your student population… or how often it changes.

With our SimpleNotify system, you can:

  • Use Voice, SMS or both.
  • Reach families, teachers and staff
  • Set up multiple campaigns
  • Weather related closures or delays
  • Bomb threats or evacuation communication
  • Campus lock-down, on-campus violence
  • Send unlimited messages anytime from our proprietary web portal
  • Free-up your staff by using automated attendance calls
  • Special activities & events
  • Graduation information
  • Inform students, parents and staff of cancellations and delays
  • Save money by reducing paper, postage and printing
  • Increase parental involvement by promoting events and programs
  • Always be ready and able to respond — 99.99% up-time!
  • School Emergency and Crisis Response notifications
  • Health related notifications
  • Notification of Bus Schedule changes
  • Emergency School Closure
  • Yearbook and yearbook advertising announcement
  • School testing dates
  • Early dismissal reminders
  • School board meetings

Custom School Notification Systems for Parent Communications

We have another fully customized version of SimpleNotify for customers Mexico, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and a few other European countries. We custom build this application with requested features and deploy it in the cloud, so there is no equipment to purchase or maintain.  For service outside US and Canada, please fill out the contact form and let us know how we can customize the system for your particular requirements.

Call us today or complete the form on this page to schedule a call so we can explain all the benefits.

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