What is Fax Over IP?

Intro to FoIP

FoIP uses VoIP technology to send documents to traditional fax machines. Faxing can be done through special software downloaded to a computer, through a traditional fax machine that uses a gateway to connect phone lines and the internet, or through a FoIP-specific fax machine. Once the sender faxes the document, the recipient receives the fax in real-time on their fax machine or their computer if they use FoIP software.

How it works

In simple terms, while a traditional fax machine is analog–it sends information via a telephone circuit. FoIP employs digital technology, converting the document into packets of information that travel in a continuous stream over the internet (similar to email).


A common objection to FoIP is that it isn’t as reliable since it relies on a packet-switched network. In the past, documents sent with FoIP could potentially be corrupted or damaged or not received at all. If the network timing is off even just a little bit or if a packet is lost, the fax transmission can be less than successful.

Those problems were in the past. Now a days, Fax Over IP also employs error-correction protocols to eliminate as much packet loss as possible. As FoIP technology continues to be developed, it will become more and more reliable and convenient for your customers.


FoIP can streamline your communication technology. Instead of using two systems–phone lines and the internet–to communicate with their customers, you’ll be able to use one network. FoIP will also help you avoid high long distance charges and keep your costs down. You’ll have the flexibility to fax from the device of your choosing.


Secure & Reliable
We offer an easy to use, secure, and reliable alternative to analog lines for faxing. You simply install an HTTPS fax device, which resolves many of the problems often associated with IP faxing including unreliable ATAs and T.38 to G.711 fallback.


Benefits of Fax Over IP

We love fax over IP, and we’re pretty sure you do too. However, many customers fear change. Switching to a different technology may sound complicated and it may seem like there’s a steep learning curve, but consider the many hard and soft benefits. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come when you start using FoIP (Fax over IP):

Network consolidation

FoIP streamlines your communications by consolidating your faxing and your other data to one network. Because you’ll no longer need a phone line (as long as your telephone system is VoIP, too), you’ll pay lower monthly fees for all forms of communication.

Lower costs

And that brings us to the next benefit of fax over IP–our FoIP customers will save money, not only because you’ve consolidated networks, but also because you’ll have less hardware to purchase or maintain. Your operating costs will decrease overall.

Increased productivity

Now instead of having to get up and walk to the fax machine, dial a number, and send the fax, you and your employees can send faxes straight from your desktops. Any document that can be emailed can also be faxed from your computer either through email or through special faxing software. You’ll also be able to fax multiple documents or fax to multiple parties at one time instead of individually inputting recipient numbers into the fax machine.

Increased flexibility

FoIP provides better flexibility for you and your employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re across the globe on a beach vacation or sitting in your office. As long as you have an internet connection and email capability, you’ll be able to fax. FoIP allows faxing from any device that can send and receive emails, so you’ll be able to fax from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Increased confidentiality and security

When you switch to FoIP, you will be assigned secure fax numbers that deliver directly to your email inbox. FoIP protects your confidential information from being seen by multiple coworkers on the fax machine. It allows you to send and receive confidential or important documents without worrying who will see them. You can then either choose to save the fax in a secure location or print a hard copy.


FoIP takes faxing to a whole new level. You will still have all the benefits of traditional faxing but without the headaches.

Simple to Install

Our Fax over IP solution offers unlimited incoming and outgoing faxes to the United States and Canada. Users can send a copy of inbound faxes to an email address for their record, if they like. We can offer month-to-month billing. Our device comes pre-configured and is simple to install.

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