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Phone Based Employee Quizzes for Workplace Safety

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Prevent Workplace Injuries by Testing Your Workers’ Knowledge

Did you know that every 7 seconds, a worker gets injured on the job? According to the National Safety Council, the majority of injuries are preventable with appropriate safety training. Besides the pain of injury or death, there are significant losses including loss wages, productivity losses, medical expenses, and other employer costs.

Reduce workplace injuries

Training, reinforced by knowledge testing is vital to making sure employees actually retain what they have been taught. The frequency of quizzes in on your schedule and can be administered via inbound or outbounc calling, or SMS

No Technology or language barriers

Many blue-collar workers may not have access to workplace computers, so it gets difficult to validate training. Further, since our quizzes can be in multiple languages, it overcomes the common language barrier

Workplace Injuries
Workplace Injuries – National Safety Council

Continuing Education

Many companies offer periodic continuing education courses or ongoing safety training to ensure the workers perform their job in a safe manner. Training can be provided via many different mediums, such as computer-based, handbooks, pamphlets and posters and videos.

Hundreds of thousands of blue-collar employees often do not have routine access to computers at work. These include those who are mobile, work on the factory floors, construction workers, steel workers, automotive plant workers, electricians, mechanics, pipe-fitters, oilfield workers among many others. How can you then ensure that the training material you provided to these workers is adequate?

Validate Training Comprehension

How can you ensure that they were actually able to understand it? In today’s highly litigious society, it becomes imperative that employers perform some kind of verification that the safety information disseminated was actually absorbed by the workers.

Many companies require workers to take end of course quizzes. Many of these quizzes are still done on paper, or cards which can then take days or weeks to get tabulated. Thus, it becomes difficult for employers to stay on top of safety training. This is where we come in.

We can create highly customized quizzes based on your hard copy versions and make them available 24/7 via a dedicated phone hotline. Our hotlines are guaranteed to never make employees wait.


Every single call is answered by our highly scalable and hosted system 100% of the time. We can even integrate your employee IDs into our system so you can track individual employees. Reports can be sent via email, SFTP, or API at the frequency you choose. At any given time, you have full insight into who has completed the quizzes, who has not, who passed and who did not.

This allows you to take corrective actions immediately rather than waiting for all results to get tabulated days or weeks later.

Workplace Injuries in Oilfield Jobs
Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry

Key Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

These quizzes are innovative tools using phone lines to test and reinforce employees' understanding of workplace safety protocols, ensuring they are well-versed in critical safety procedures.