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What would you say if you could get your message out to thousands of people? What do your clients or constituents need to know about your brand or candidate? Voice broadcasting or robo calling is a cost effective mass communication technique that lets you reach out to a huge client or supporter base with ease.

Automated voice broadcasting calls can target large user groups (like customers, employees, constituents, group members or subscribers) immediately. Hosted voice broadcasting is the same technology (often called Reverse 911) used by government officials to issue emergency notifications. When requested, voice broadcasting services can also leave voicemails or answering machine messages.

How Does Hosted Voice Broadcasting Work?

With our advanced voice broadcasting systems, you simply record a message and send us your phone list, along with individuated call times and dates for your message to go out. That’s it! We’ll place thousands of calls to your clients & customers on your behalf. Voice broadcasting has a number of powerful business applications including automated phone calls for:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Event promotion
  • Accounts receivable collection
  • Press-1 campaigns
  • Relaying vital information to your customers over the phone
We can even customize your phone broadcast with two messages: one for when a live person answers the phone, and one for when the call goes to voice mail.

Why Choose IVR Lab for Voice Broadcasting Services?

The advantages to using hosted outbound calling are clear. But why should you choose IVR Solutions by IVR Lab?

  • World-class hosted platforms
  • Capability for hundreds of calls per hour
  • Capability to record voicemails and transfer calls
  • Minimal set-up fee
  • GREAT discounts on high volume projects (15,000 minutes plus)
  • No hidden charges
  • No nickel-and-diming

Don’t waste your time or money. Call the IVR Lab to see how we can help you


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