We have provided some links to videos to help guide you towards proper compliance. You are 100% liable for compliance when making calls originating under your account or accounts. IVR Lab has provided some compliance resources on this page and elsewhere on this website, or other company owned websites and materials to assist you with resources and information to help you stay compliant with all laws and regulations when using our services. Ultimately, the onus of doing due diligence and knowing the laws and regulations in your area is up to you.

Fines can be over $10,000 dollars. You MUST take compliance seriously!

 TCPA Compliance Webinar

Compliance Webinar FCC TCPA 2015 Declaratory Ruling Analysis

TCPA Compliance in Your Contact Center

2015 TCPA Webinar – Part 1


More compliance information can be found here.

Some information on political calling regulations


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