Save Thousands by Automating Your Routine Outbound Calling

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Outbound calling is one of the most effective marketing tools available. Whether you’re running for public office or conducting market research, the information garnered during outbound calls and surveys is often the most essential aspect to building a successful campaign. However, the manpower and equipment required for a staffed outbound call center well exceeds the budget of most small business owners or local political candidates.

Affordable Outbound Call Center Services

In the past, outbound calling was available only to those with huge budgets for dedicated call centers. The associated costs of office space, tech equipment and labor put the benefits of a call center out of reach for most.

Today, automated outbound call center services can be hosted by IVR companies like IVR Lab. This type of hosted outbound dialing creates a virtual call center, eliminating the need for office space or equipment and drastically reducing costs while simultaneously streaming data.

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So how does automated outbound calling by IVR Lab work? What services can these automated voice broadcasting solutions provide for your business or local election campaign?

Automated Outbound Calls

Automated outbound calling, sometimes also called Robo Calling (robo calls), is cost effective and easy to set up. Simply provide us with a list of names, phone numbers and call-time windows. We’ll help you craft an interactive script either promoting your product, service or candidate, or requesting information survey-style. You can choose to use one of our professional voice recordings or we can use a script provided by you. Most call flow scripts for campaign polling and research surveys go something like this:

  • Intro Message
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Repeat Options
  • More Options (like Option to Take a Message and Option to Transfer Call)

Armed with your stipulations, we use our advanced automated outbound calling systems to contact each of your potential clients or supporters, during the designated call window, with your message. If their input is required (in the case of a poll or survey, for example), we capture and record their responses. Finally, our hosted call center services can provide you with relevant details for each call including: time of call, duration of call and status of call (hung up, voicemail, busy, no answer etc.).

Uses for an Automated Calling System

Outbound calling systems have dozens of applications. The most popular uses for our automated calling systems include:

Political Campaigns / Campaign Polling – Automated outbound calling for political campaigns can provide candidates with a modern and cost effective approach to leveraging voters with reliable voter opinion data results. Whether you’re polling for local political office campaigns, or for congressional and senate elections; whatever your party affiliation (DNC, RNC or Independent), IVR Lab can give your political campaign the voter data it needs with customized robocalls

Market Research Surveys – Our automated call services can act like a market research call center to conduct surveys about a product or service. Surveys can be used to measure the satisfaction of existing clients, or to gain a deeper understanding of their demographics’ desires when creating a new product or service.

Voice Broadcasting – Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique with both commercial and community applications. Automated voice broadcasting calls can target large user groups (like customers, employees, constituents, group members or subscribers) immediately. Hosted voice broadcasting is the same technology (often called Reverse 911) used by government officials to issue emergency notifications. Like the aforementioned tools, voice broadcasting services can also leave voicemails or answering machine messages.

HOA Meeting Announcements – A simple and cost effective way of contacting HOA members for meeting announcements, last minute schedule changes, or emergency notifications.

Health Related Surveys – Perfect system for local health agencies to get info on outbreaks, or to collect impact on reported food poisoning incidents, important medical announcements and much more – all at a click of a few buttons.

Outbound Automated Calling by IVR Lab

The advantages to using hosted outbound calling are clear. But why should you choose IVR Lab?

  • World-class hosted platforms – hosted on Tier 1 infrastructure
  • Capability for hundreds of calls per hour
  • Capability to record voicemails and transfer calls
  • Minimal set-up fee
  • GREAT discounts on high volume projects (10,000 minutes plus)
  • No hidden charges
  • No nickel-and-diming
  • Pay as you go

Whatever automated outbound calling solutions you’re looking for, contact the IVR Lab  today. We’ll work with you to determine the best hosted calling plan for your business or campaign and customize it to your particular needs. You’ll save thousands and enjoy the best ROI using our advanced hosted calling solutions.

 Read our FAQ about Automated Calling Services

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